'I want to write books that make you come alive, that inspire, and spark questions, and remind you that life really is magical. I want to write stories that grab you by the hand and say, "Come on! Dig deep and find your own magic. The world is waiting to see how unique and brilliant you are."'

Gabriel has a fearless and colourful history. She has been a singer, clothing designer, a massage therapist, copywriter, meditation instructor and even a fry cook! (And that's not the complete list.) She has studied past life regression therapy, reads tarot cards, is addicted to all forms of sugar, withers if she doesn't get enough sunshine and has never been afraid to learn something new and chase a new dream. Writing, however, has been a lifelong constant - whether she was writing song lyrics, or poetry, or ad campaigns for big corporations. Her love of the written word and dedication to her craft has culminated in her debut young adult book series, The Lost Souls.

'Listening to stories is humankind's most ancient way of learning. Stories touch us in a way that nothing else can. I write because I love it with every cell in my body and because I want to help young people to explore their own hearts and minds and encourage them to grow into whoever they were born to be – to test the status quo. We're all here to be our best, brilliant selves and if I can help to nurture that, I will.'