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The Lost Souls series

YA fantasy romance

YA fantasy romance books The Guardian's Soul by Gabriel Lea

BOOK ZERO The Guardian's Soul


Hidden beyond a million burning stars, Lilly lives in a world of unspoiled beauty and magic. She is a go-lite now, no longer human, and like all go-lites, she will grow up to be a Soul Guardian and help humans in need. After living so many lives of heartache and struggle on earth, her parents want her to be peaceful and happy in her new world. But her Fledgling heart is haunted by memories of her final life as a human. She dreams of drowning in a ferocious sea and of a beautiful boy with pale green eyes. There is something powerful at work that will not let her go, because destiny is much like the sea. It has a mind of its own, an eternal rhythm to keep, never to be held back or silenced. Now, the destiny of one Fledgling soul is poised to change everything in its wake. 


Discover where The Lost Souls fantasy series begins, as a life-altering choice is made and a powerful spell is cast, will it be enough to quell the driving forces of fate?

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YA fantasy romance book, The Guardian's Heart by Gabriel Lea

BOOK ONE  The Guardian's Heart

Every human being knows heartbreak, but Lilly shouldn’t be feeling that…not anymore. Her time as a human ended long ago. She’s a Soul Guardian now, lending guidance from beyond the stars. But when she’s sent to soothe the human with the fathomless green eyes and crushed spirit, the impossible happens.


Is it fate, magic, or a power much greater that has pierced the veil between worlds and brought them face to face? A past that was locked away and forgotten is rising to the surface, stirring emotions she can’t accept or deny. Her pristine, harmonious city is becoming plagued with misfortune. A mysterious, dusty manuscript is calling to share its secrets. And Lilly is being tested by feelings so powerful that nothing can hold them back – not even time, space or death. Little does she know, that she and the green-eyed boy are spinning the threads of fate that will alter the course of worlds.

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YA fantasy romance book, The Silver Cord by Gabriel Lea

BOOK TWO The Silver Cord - COMING SOON!!!

I'm still working away at this one but am aiming to have it finished June 2018 - fingers crossed!  Book three is in the works as well.  




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Gabriel Lea YA fantasy author

"My writing is a precious collection of my life's learning, woven into stories that I hope speak to the hearts of others. It is my greatest wish that my books touch peoples' lives and help in some small way to create a better world."


the author

After spending many years in advertising as a Copywriter, Gabriel  is realising her dream of becoming an author. Her love of the written word and dedication to her craft has culminated in her debut YA fantasy romance series, The Lost Souls.


Born in 1972, Lea has a fearless and colourful history. She has been a banker, clothing designer and seamstress, singer, cleaner, sales assistant and even a fry cook! She has studied past life regression therapy, reads tarot cards, is addicted to all forms of sugar, withers  if she doesn't get enough sunshine and has never been afraid to chase a new dream.


She currently lives by the sea in Australia where she works as a Remedial Massage Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and dedicates all of her spare time to reading  and writing YA fantasy books.

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