BOOK ZERO The Guardian's Soul

Hidden beyond a million burning stars, Lilly lives in a world of unspoiled beauty and magic. She is a go-lite now, no longer human, and like all go-lites, she will grow up to be a Soul Guardian and help humans in need. After living so many lives of heartache and struggle on earth, her parents want her to be peaceful and happy in her new world. But her Fledgling heart is haunted by memories of her final life as a human. She dreams of drowning in a ferocious sea and of a beautiful boy with pale green eyes. There is something powerful at work that will not let her go, because destiny is much like the sea. It has a mind of its own, an eternal rhythm to keep, never to be held back or silenced. Now, the destiny of one Fledgling soul is poised to change everything in its wake. 


Discover where The Lost Souls fantasy series begins, as a life-altering choice is made and a powerful spell is cast, will it be enough to quell the driving forces of fate?



young adult books The Guardian's Soul by Gabriel Lea