Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

Lilly is on a mission to save the boy she loves and she has the right blood pulsing through her veins to do it. Her Great-grandfather was much more than an eccentric Scholar, he was a Source-blessed genius guarding a world-altering secret. Magical symbols inside his manuscript have lay dormant for a hundred years, just waiting for Lilly to find, and now she will do whatever it takes to decode their secrets and bring Jay to her world. 


Stubborn, single-minded, and seemingly kissed by fate, she won’t be stopped by the cosmic veil separating their worlds or the strange changes plaguing her go-lite heart. But as Jay struggles against the dark nightmares of his past, he is harbouring secrets of his own. Christian has seen an ominous vision of the future but is honour-bound and powerless to change it. And the city of Citrine is straining under the force of an unknown power that is tipping the balance of their world. Lives will be lost, friendships will be broken, dreams will unravel, and Lilly will have to face a terrible question: Was everything she believed in a lie?


Worlds, hearts and desires collide in this spell-binding sequel to The Guardian’s Heart.