BOOK ONE  The Guardian's Heart

On earth, a boy is falling to pieces. From the stars, a girl sees and hears but must never touch.


Lilly’s time as a human ended long ago. She’s a go-lite now, reborn into the pristine world of Panacea with a duty to fulfill. She must speak to humans through her dreams. She must lift their spirits and make sure the light inside them keeps burning brightly. And she is supposed to be invisible while she does it – a whispered voice in their heads, soft as butterfly wings, or a warm golden mist that envelops and seeps into the skin. She is supposed to be hidden by the veil between worlds which cannot be breached… or so the Elders had always believed. 


When Lilly is dragged through her dreamscape to help a human with fathomless green eyes and a crushed spirit, ancient beliefs are shattered. Is it fate, magic, or a power much greater that has pierced the veil between worlds and brought them face to face? And why can she feel his heart as though it were her own, like a piece of herself that she’d left behind?


Every time she sees him, a past that was locked away and forgotten kicks closer to the surface. Visions plague her. Things that should be impossible are becoming all too real. As her harmonious world begins to falter and a mysterious, dusty manuscript appears, calling to share its secrets, Lilly is tested by feelings so powerful that nothing can hold them back – not even time, space or death. Little does she know, that with every choice she and the green-eyed boy make, they are spinning the threads of fate that will alter the course of worlds.


Fans of Laini Taylor, Marie Rutkoski and Leigh Bardugo will fall in love with this new fantasy romance series. The Guardian's Heart will draw you into a visionary world, hidden beyond a million burning stars, and leave you believing that magic really does live within us all.

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