Don't give up on your dreams

Don't give up on your dreams.

Everything you put out into the world is a creation - the work you do, the conversations you have, the food you cook, all of your thoughts, words, actions and dreams. We are all creative beings by nature and are in a constant state of creation as we go about our lives. 


As individuals, we all have particular areas of interest and things that we’re inspired to create - things we get excited about - whether you’re an architect designing a building, a mum baking a birthday cake, a physics major working on a theory, or a psychologist carefully choosing your words to have a breakthrough session with your client. Whatever you’re most inspired to create is what I refer to as your calling - the thing or things you were put on this earth to express and create. So in our heart of hearts, we all have something that we wan’t to build or be or do. There’s a spark inside pushing us in that direction, it can be felt as an inner yearning and it’s what I refer to as your Soul Purpose. 


But for many people, that yearning is never acted upon, and for others, they may take the initial steps but then give up. So today I want to explore why we kibosh our hopes and dreams and show you how to remove the obstacles that stop you from realising them. 


The biggest obstacle to expression and creation is the way our society is set up because it’s competition and judgement based. From the time we enter the school system we’re programmed to compete and win and are subject to judgement if we fall short of the mark. That programming is reinforced when we go to college and again when we enter the workforce. So every person who has been subjected to this system of competition and judgement will inevitably have underlying questions about their worthiness in everything they do. If you’re being completely aware and honest with yourself, you’ll realise that you have a habit of always checking whether what you’re doing is good enough. You are always measuring and comparing yourself to others and looking outside of yourself for approval - for the smiles and nods that tell you you’re doing ok… for the big promotion at work… for commercial success in your business. We see the approval system at work through social media as well - how many likes did I get? How many followers do I have?


And so now we can clearly see why we’re fearful of attempting to create the thing that is precious to us - because we fear judgement and rejection. What if it’s not good enough? What if people think I’m silly or wasting my time? Well, here is the big aha moment - the system we were raised in is working in direct opposition to our Soul Purpose - the very reason we were put on this planet - which is to experience the joy of creation and expression. When we are free to create and express in ways that are meaningful to us, we put joy and love into the world, which benefits the whole. When we stop ourselves from following the souls yearnings, it causes unhappiness and disappointment within ourselves and those around us. So turning your back on your dreams serves no-one and I personally don’t believe that Divine Intelligence, Great Mystery, God, or whatever terminology you want to use, put us here to live lives of fear, limitation and regret and thus create unhappiness. Soul yearnings are like a Divine compass. They point us in the direction of our dreams and ultimately to our joy and happiness.


Fear of judgement and rejection was something I had struggled with all my life. During the course of publishing books and launching my precious creations out into the world I was forced to either find a way to deal with the world of competition and judgement or give up and quit writing.  Writing, something that I love and that I have a deep soul yearning to do, was becoming a source of depression and despair because no-one was buying my book. I felt so wounded because I knew with every fibre of my being that my Soul Purpose was to write. It got to a point where I was ready to give up and quit when the concept I’m about to share with you came to me while I was meditating one day. It’s simple, elegant and has not only solved my struggles with writing, but has changed how I approach everything I create in life.





I - Is the I Am presence of the universe, the energy that animates all living things.


ME - Is your Soul working in partnership with the universe to realise your Soul Purpose. Following your soul yearnings and creating from a space of joy.


YOU - Is the identity that you create for yourself based on the judgement and feedback of others.


THEM - Is society, the world. The external judgements and opinions of others. How your creation is either embraced or rejected.

Forget about YOU and THEM. Right creation happens solely from I and ME; that is, acting on those excited yearnings of your Soul for the sheer joy of it. Following the divine inspiration that rises up within you and birthing your creation into the world. This is the divine creative partnership that God intended for us and it is completely individual and it is highly personal. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else or external opinions. Right creation is about your soul working in partnership with God to create your unique expression of beauty and joy. Not anyone else’s; just yours, as only you can. It’s about doing something that brings you joy so that you can live in a state of freedom and happiness and light up everyone around you. Life itself is expression, it is creation in motion. To cut ourselves off from our urges to create and express ourselves is to cut ourselves off from life.


When we lose sight of the personal nature of creation and start concerning ourselves with the opinions of others, things go pear-shaped quite quickly. Our vision for our creation becomes tainted and altered in anticipation of judgement and in some cases can become unrecognisable from our original intention. Or worse still, we are turned off creating it at all for fear that it won’t be good enough. 


There are infinite expressions of creation and beauty in the world and because we’ve all been programmed to compete and judge, we aren’t going to find all of them personally pleasing but everyone strives to create things that are beautiful to them. There are songs that I don’t like but the people who created them were expressing in a way that is beautiful to them. I even have to admit that I’m not very fond of a few of God’s creations like pug-faced snorting dogs but to many other people they’re adorable. There’s probably an ornament in your mother-in-law’s house that you find wholly repugnant and that’s ok! My point is that if I’m not enlightened enough yet to see the beauty in absolutely everything then I shouldn’t expect everyone else to be either, and therefore, there will be plenty of people that don’t like what I create in life, and that’s okay.


Once you discover the bliss and satisfaction that comes from Right Creation, you’ll realise that approval or praise from another or the self image you derive from that praise is fleeting, whereas the joy that emanates from within is satisfying beyond measure. You’ll also discover that criticism and judgement hold no power anymore because you will have created something that is right, pure and beautiful in your eyes and you’ll be soaring on the personal high your creation has brought. Nothing else will matter.

'Creativity cannot be placed in a box.

There is no right or wrong, just a human being daring to share their idea of beauty. Their unique expression will either delight and resonate with you or it won't. But every creation is beautiful to someone, if only its maker, and that is enough.'

– Gabriel Lea

But what happens when we have no choice other than to listen to the opinions and criticism of others, like in the workplace? There are countless people in the world with diverse learning, skills and experience and I’m not suggesting that you ignore their knowledge. There will always be other people that have something to teach us. What I’m saying is that once you’re operating and creating from I and ME, the way you receive advice and judgements changes. You can view it with discernment - meaning you can hear the judgements, not as positive or negative, but from a neutral space and because there’s no ego-based emotional reaction on your part, you can discern what advice is useful and true for you and what isn’t. If you don’t have that balance and discernment, you could be thinking that everyone else knows better than you, or worse still, that you know better than everyone else! Listening from a neutral space is key but it becomes easy to do when you practice Right Creation.


Don’t ever let anyone, including your evil twin self, tell you you can’t do something. If you have a burning desire to do something there’s a very good reason for it. Those persistent urges are your soul trying to lead you in the direction of your own personal joy and happiness. Not all of us are going to win prizes for our creations but that’s not what creating is about. It’s about doing something that fills you up, that makes you sparkle, that brings you joy and satisfaction, and in turn, you’ll shine that light out into the world. 


Let what you love be what you do.


When you create purely from I and ME, you are sharing pieces of your soul and the truth of you is birthed into the world. And when you do that, you’re riding on the blissful wave of creation, of life in motion, and compared with the joy that generates and shines out into the world, nothing else matters. 


Gabriel X


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